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Sheltered Housing Schemes we manage

1_bed_flat_barlow_roadAlthough there are variations between the sheltered housing schemes most provide the following features:

  • Self contained flats with their own bathrooms and fitted kitchens
  • Communal facilities such as laundry rooms, communal lounge for a variety of social activities, communal gardens and guest rooms
  • Security and safety features
  • A Housing Support Officer between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (Resident Warden at James Donovan Court)
  • 24 hour emergency assistance through connection of each flat to a call centre

If you are interested in sheltered housing, the following points may be useful to consider:

  • Location – ease of access to shops, transport and surgeries
  • Design – suitable for your needs, for example wheelchair user, visual impairment
  • Communal facilities – are they what you want?
  • Size and layout of flat, does it meet your needs?
  • Atmosphere


Supporting People legislation was introduced by the government and came into effect on 1 April 2003.  It established a new funding system for housing related support costs.  In line with legislation the Council introduced a support charge in April 2003.  This support charge covers the services of your Housing Support Officer and the support that you receive from the Hereford Control Centre.  

The support charge is in addition to the rent that you have to pay for the property. If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit you will get your support costs paid in full by Supporting People Grant.   This is provided that you give your consent for the Housing Benefit Department to pass on relevant information to the Supporting People Team, which they will need in order to process your account.

If you are not in receipt of Housing Benefit you will be offered a FAB assessment.   FAB stands for Financial Assessment and Benefits. The FAB team work for Social Services. They will contact you after you have moved in to arrange a home visit in order to complete a Financial and Benefits assessment with you.  As a result of the FAB assessment, you may have to pay some or all of the support charge.   If you do not want a FAB assessment and you are not in receipt of Housing Benefit you will have to pay your support charge in full. 

For more information see our Sheltered Housing Information Pack