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Eligibility for Sheltered Housing

To be eligible applicants usually have to be 60 years or over, however in some instances disabled people nearing 60 years may be eligible. For more information visit the Gloucestershire Homeseeker site.

Everyone who lives in sheltered housing is as individual as those in the wider community. Many tenants are fit and active and just want the extra security and peace of mind sheltered housing offers, others need much more personal care and support. We can enable you to access the support you need to continue to live independently. An application for sheltered housing may require an assessment of support needs prior to an offer being made.

All CBH residents living in sheltered schemes are obliged to agree to a support plan. This support plan is tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of the individual. It is your support plan and can be as flexible as you want it to be. You can review your plan anytime.   The Housing Support Officer at the scheme will support you to achieve your identified support needs and goals.

Communal facilities, such as the lounge, laundry and kitchen are available for tenants to use. This empowers our residents to enrich their life by socialising with other tenants and the local community. Cheltenham Borough Homes pride themselves in encouraging residents to stay active and independent.