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Current Developments


Swindon Road

We’re building 10 new council owned homes on the former commercial site at Swindon Road.

These properties will be offered first to armed forces veterans and their families.

Based near the town centre with easy access to support networks, these new properties are being built to be adaptable, lifetime homes and we have designed them to encourage a feeling of community.

Once completed the scheme will deliver 10 new homes;

  • five 1 bed flats
  • three 2 bed flats
  • two 2 bed houses

The development is due for completion in February 2017.

Properties will be let based on a set criteria laid out in the following local lettings plan:

Swindon Road Local Lettings Plan

PLEASE NOITE: If you’re a veteran there are no time restrictions for how long you need to have served in the armed forces in order to be considered for these homes.

For more information or if you’d like to be considered for one of these homes please contact Louise Oliver on 0800 408 0000 or

For further information view the below plans:

Existing site plan
Proposed site layout
Proposed elevations
Indicative 3D - artist impression


Rowanfield Exchange

Works commenced on 3 October 2016 to develop the former garage site behind the shops at Rowanfield Exchange to provide 3 new homes. J Harper and Sons (Leominster) is the main contractor with the properties due for completion October 2017. 

For further information views the below plans:

Proposed site layout

Proposed elevations